Angel Island Trip a Success

05/02/2012 09:05 PM

The first annual Angel Island Day Trip is now complete.  Last Saturday, the weather could not have been any better on the island.  I underestimated the hills a bit from the last time I traveled around the island, but the distance is short so overall it was not too difficult.  We lunched at Battery Ledyard (A large concrete slab once holding guns defending the bay) with a fantastic, clear view of everything from the Bay Bridge to Tiburon.  Luckily, three classes of sailboats were starting their races just below us as we stopped for lunch.  I gave a quick explanation of the racing start and how tactics play a big part, so it was a lot of fun seeing the boats jocky for position to get the upper hand.  After our tour of the immigration Station Barracks and grounds, we sat in the shade near the water, and snacked on my home smoked salmon on bagels, with cream cheese, onion, and capers.  For a special treat I had tucked away a few mini bottles of Cabernet which went really well with the salmon.  I hope to do this trip at least once a year, but if you would like to put together a group of friends or co-workers, I can lead a trip by special arangement.  For more info about the trip go to

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