Angel Island Day Trip Modified

04/14/2012 12:40 PM

Due to the reduced number of particiipants for this trip, the pre-scheduled docent led tour of the Immigration Station has been canceled.  A few of us are still going to go to the island that day.  We may be able to sign up for a tour that day, or we can take the self led tour of the Immigration Station Barracks where I can discuss the project from the standpoint of the Restoration Architect involved with the project.  There is still the rest of the island to explore by bicycle, and lunch at Battery Ledyard, with a 180 degree view of the bay, city, Golden Gate, and Tiburon.  The fee to attend will be $5 per person to cover my insurance, and then pay as you go for other costs such as parking, entrance fee, site scheduled docent tour, etc.  (The island entrance fee and ferry ride with your bicycle is under $20)  The sign ups will be less formal.  If you are interested in attending write me at and I will send you directions and a meeting place in Tiburon.  Other than that it is BYO, but I can guarantee a unique experience on a Bay Area treasure.

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