Future Planning and Site Updates

12/13/2011 10:04 AM

I injured my back in late August and was out for quite a time taking pain killers and anti inflamatories.  I am finally back to "normal" and getting back to my volunteering activities, this web site, and to planning future TranspoCycle outings and classes.  My plan was to have a few more trips this last fall, and to get some products I really like onto this web site for sale.  I am just now getting back to doing this so if you have any suggestions on trips you would like to see send me an email, list them on facebook, or in the comment section on this page.  I am currently working on adding the Brasslite Alcolhol stoves to the web site and plan on selling them locally.  More importantly for now, I am working on my physical condition and strengthening my back so I do not have continued back problems.  Look for future posts by signing up for the RSS feed on the "Latest News" page.  All changes to the web site and future trips will be listed there with links to more information.

Happy Holidays and hope to see you on the road.

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