Angel Island Day Trip

Did you ever look out across the bay and see the large island with what looks like military bases on it, and wondered what it is and how to get there? Do you want to know where the best lunch spot is with the best view, on the whole bay?  Join me for a tour, by bicycle, of Angel Island State Park.  We will bring lunch and ride the perimeter road of the Island, stopping at each of the historic sites along the way.   The history of the island spans from the Spanish American war, through the Civil War, WWII, and the Immigration Period. The day will culminate with a docent lead tour of the Immigration Station, opened in 1910 to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.  I retired as a Restoration Architect with California State Parks in 2010.  One of my final projects was the completion of the first phase of the restoration of the Immigration Station.  After our tour, and while light snacks are served, I will provide insights and answer questions on the restoration process used to preserve this National Treasure.  

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Angel Island Conservancy

Park Information

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

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